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88.69 District liable for damage to land outside its boundaries.


(1) A drainage district is liable for any damages resulting to lands outside its boundaries because of work done within its boundaries. In this subsection "damages" means only such damages as could be recovered against a natural person for like injury resulting from like work. No action shall be taken to collect damages to outside lands until the damages actually have resulted. In cases of construction of new drains, the state may proceed pursuant to ch. 813 to prevent damage or injury to lands owned by the state.


(2) If through the construction of a drain by a higher district a lower drainage district incurs extra expense in providing means to carry off the waters or remove the sediment flowing from the higher district, the higher district is liable for such increased cost. The amount of such increased cost may be agreed upon between the districts or may be recovered in an action at law.

88.69 - ANNOT.

History: Sup. Ct. Order, 67 Wis. 2d 585, 774 (1975).