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979.06 Inquests: witnesses.


(1) The judge or circuit court commissioner may issue subpoenas for witnesses at the request of the coroner or medical examiner and shall issue subpoenas for witnesses requested by the district attorney. Subpoenas are returnable at the time and place stated therein. Persons who are served with a subpoena may be compelled to attend proceedings in the manner provided in s. 885.12.


(2) The judge or circuit court commissioner conducting the inquest and the district attorney may require by subpoena the attendance of one or more expert witnesses, including physicians, surgeons and pathologists, for the purposes of conducting an examination of the body and all relevant and material scientific and medical tests connected with the examination and testifying as to the results of the examination and tests. The expert witnesses so subpoenaed shall receive reasonable fees determined by the district attorney and the judge or circuit court commissioner conducting the inquest.


(3) Any witness examined at an inquest may have counsel present during the examination of that witness. The counsel may not examine or cross-examine his or her client, cross-examine or call other witnesses or argue before the judge or circuit court commissioner holding the inquest.


(4) The judge or circuit court commissioner shall administer an oath or affirmation to each witness which shall be substantially in the following form:
You do solemnly swear (affirm) that the evidence and testimony you give to this inquest concerning the death of the person known as .... .... shall be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


(5) The judge or circuit court commissioner conducting the inquest shall cause the testimony given by all witnesses to be reduced to writing or recorded and may employ stenographers to take and transcribe all of the testimony. The stenographer shall receive reimbursement at a reasonable rate for each appearance and transcription at rates in accordance with the customary charges in the area for similar services.


(6) Inquest witnesses shall receive the same compensation as witnesses in circuit court under s. 814.67.

979.06 - ANNOT.

History: 1983 a. 279; 2001 a. 61.