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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-mexico > Chapter-6 > Article-3 > Section-6-3-18

6-3-18. Budget forms.

On or before June 15 of each year, the state budget division shall send to each state agency forms that provide for the following information:   

A.     revenue or anticipated revenue, from all sources for the fiscal year last completed, the current fiscal year and for the succeeding fiscal year, including among other things:   

(1)     grants from the federal government;   

(2)     gifts and grants from private sources;   

(3)     income from investments;   

(4)     proceeds from sale of bonds or other instruments of indebtedness;   

(5)     income from sale of land;   

(6)     income from sale of personal property;   

(7)     income from lease of land or lease of personal property;   

(8)     income from services;   

(9)     income from fees, licenses, fines, penalties, tuition, royalties and other charges;   

(10)     income from athletic activities and related enterprises; and   

(11)     income from each tax collected;   

B.     expenditures or anticipated expenditures for the current fiscal year and for the two succeeding fiscal years, including among other things:   

(1)     capital expenditures consisting of:   

(a)     additions to plant or office;   

(b)     repairs and replacements;   

(c)     permanent equipment; and   

(d)     other; and   

(2)     operational expenditures consisting of:   

(a)     operation and maintenance of institution, office or building;   

(b)     supplies and equipment;   

(c)     personal services;   

(d)     travel; and   

(e)     other;   

C.     appropriation requested for the succeeding fiscal year, with a statement as to the functions and activities of each agency, division and bureau;   

D.     if increased appropriations are requested, the reason therefor; and   

E.     citation of statutory authority for functions and activities of the agency, a summary statement as to the workload of the agency and such other information as is specified by the state budget division.