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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-jersey > Title-16 > Section-16-5 > 16-5-7

16:5-7.  Contents of certificate
    Any such certificate shall set forth:

    (a) The name or title or such corporation, which shall include the word "Lutheran"  as part thereof and may include the name  "Lutheran Synod of New Jersey"  or any other name, and may include other words or initials to identify  such corporation;

    (b) The names and addresses of the trustees constituting the first board of  trustees of the corporation;

    (c) The object of the corporation;

     (d) The location of the corporation's principal office or of its customary activities and, if so desired, the place of its annual convention, conference or meeting;

    (e) Such other provisions as may be determined upon at the said convention,  conference or meeting as may be proper to carry out the object of the  corporation and which are not inconsistent with the general laws of this State  relating to religious corporations nor with the doctrines held and confessed by  the said Lutheran churches.

     L.1950, c. 84, p. 147, s. 4.  Amended by L.1962, c. 53, s. 4;  L.1972, c. 138,  s. 3, eff. Aug. 30, 1972.