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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > New-jersey > Title-54 > Section-54-5 > 54-5-19-3

54:5-19.3  Contracts for property tax lien management services.

2.Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, the governing body of a qualified municipality, by resolution, may enter into contracts for property tax lien management services with organizations for the purpose of assisting the qualified municipality in managing its property.  For the purposes of this section, property tax lien management services shall be comprehensive in nature given the needs of the qualified municipality, and shall include the following activities as necessary for a comprehensive program of property tax lien management:

a.Developing and administering an asset management and disposition plan for properties owned by the municipality;

b.Developing and administering activities to encourage and assist property owners in satisfying their obligations and retaining their properties, which shall include, but not be limited to working with lenders and non-profit agencies to develop programs that help residential taxpayers address their credit problems and related service programs;

c.Educating property owners about financial alternatives in addressing back taxes, including making installment payments pursuant to R.S.54:5-65 et seq.;

d.Recommending and managing possession and receivership, foreclosure, and property sale activities;

e.Assembling and marketing properties to potential buyers and developers through public sale of properties to be sold, or by assignment sale of tax liens pursuant to N.J.S.54:5-112 and N.J.S.54:5-113;

f.Developing a database of information relating to all properties for which the qualified municipality holds a lien, where at the conclusion of the contract, the contents of the database shall be provided to that municipality in an electronic format that can be used by the municipality;

g.Providing regular reports to the governing body of the qualified municipality and the tax collector on the status of property tax lien management activities and the information obtained through the management process;

h.Managing property owned by the qualified municipality in preparation for its sale, assignment, or possession; or

i.Other similar programs and activities as approved by the director.