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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Tennessee > Title-30 > Chapter-2 > Part-7 > 30-2-710

30-2-710. Application to compel payment of distributive share or legacy.

(a)  Any distributee or legatee of the estate may, after the expiration of eighteen (18) months from the grant of letters, apply to the probate or chancery court of the county in which administration was taken out, to compel the payment of the distributee's or legatee's distributive share or legacy.

(b)  The application shall be by petition or bill, shall set forth the claim of the applicant as legatee or distributee, shall allege that the assets of the estate are more than sufficient to pay the debts, charges, and other claims, if any, entitled to priority, and be verified, by affidavit.

(c)  The proceedings under the application shall be conducted as other equitable actions, and heard and determined summarily as soon as practicable.

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