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34-1-110. Management of property Inventory Filing Failure to file or appear Revocation of authority.

(a)  If the fiduciary is to manage the property of the minor or disabled person, within sixty (60) days after appointment, the fiduciary shall file a sworn inventory containing a list of the property of the minor or disabled person, together with the approximate fair market value of each property and a list of the source, amount and frequency of each item of income, pension, social security benefit or other revenue. If the required information was included in the petition but not separately stated as an inventory, the inventory shall repeat the information provided in the petition and add any later discovered property or income sources.

(b)  Unless the court has approved an extension of time for filing the inventory, if the fiduciary fails to file the inventory within the required time, the clerk shall promptly notify the fiduciary and the fiduciary's attorney of record. If after notice the inventory has not been filed thirty (30) days thereafter, the clerk shall cite the fiduciary to appear on a date certain and render the inventory. Upon failure to appear as cited, the fiduciary shall be summoned to appear before the court and show cause why the fiduciary should not be held in contempt.

(c)  Unless the court has authorized an extension of time to file the inventory, if a fiduciary who has been summoned does not respond within thirty (30) days of the date the summons was received by the fiduciary, the court may enter an order revoking the fiduciary's authority and appointing a substitute fiduciary.

[Acts 1992, ch. 794, § 11; T.C.A. § 34-11-110.]