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43-30-104. State viticulture plan.

(a)  The commissioner of agriculture, in consultation with the viticulture advisory board, shall, by November 1, 1985, transmit to the appropriate standing committees of the general assembly the state viticulture plan. This plan shall identify problems and constraints on the viticulture industry, propose solutions to the problems, and develop mechanisms for planning orderly growth, including, but not limited to:

     (1)  Assessment of the potential for viticultural products in terms of market and development needs;

     (2)  Formulation of a strategy with priorities to develop the viticulture industry by making the most efficient use of local, state, and federal resources. This strategy will take the form of an action plan with target dates for completion;

     (3)  Identification of investment potential, financial risks, and economics of production and utilization; and

     (4)  Identification of agencies and public and private institutions concerned with research, education, extension, economic development, promotion, and planning with an outline of resources and responsibilities.

(b)  An update of the viticulture plan shall be submitted biennially to the appropriate standing committees of the general assembly.

(c)  A progress report and a budget request through the procedures established by law shall be submitted annually.

[Acts 1985, ch. 387, § 3.]