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8-10-120. Constable patrol cars.

(a)  Constable patrol cars may be white with a brown stripe running horizontally along the upper side. This color scheme shall not be used by any other state or local law enforcement official or agency; provided, that any state or local law enforcement official or agency that is using such color scheme on March 29, 1996, may continue to use such color scheme. When adopted for use by a county constable, the stripe design and other emblems and lettering shall conform to the official uniform markings adopted by the Tennessee constable association or the Tennessee constable council on file with the director.

(b)  Constable patrol cars which conform to the description in subsection (a), which are being operated as provided in § 55-9-414, and which are used as emergency vehicles, may be equipped with blue lights and/or red lights and sirens.

(c)  Nothing in this section shall prohibit a county constable from operating unmarked cars for other law enforcement purposes.

(d)  Any constable operating a patrol car and using the lights described in this section must have graduated from the last calendar date in-service sponsored by the Tennessee constable association or the Tennessee constable council.

(e)  Each constable shall be responsible for all costs in marking patrol cars.

(f)  The provisions of this section shall not apply in any county which has removed from constables any law enforcement powers.

(g)  This section does not apply in counties having a population of not less than fourteen thousand six hundred fifty (14,650) nor more than fifteen thousand (15,000) according to the 1990 federal census or any subsequent federal census.

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