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State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Rhode-island > Title-31 > Chapter-31-14 > 31-14-2

SECTION 31-14-2

   § 31-14-2  Prima facie limits. – (a) Where no special hazard exists that requires lower speed for compliancewith § 31-14-1, the speed of any vehicle not in excess of the limitsspecified in this section or established as authorized in this title shall belawful, but any speed in excess of the limits specified in this section orestablished as authorized in this title shall be prima facie evidence that thespeed is not reasonable or prudent and that it is unlawful:

   (1) Twenty-five miles per hour (25 mph) in any business orresidence district;

   (2) Fifty miles per hour (50 mph) in other locations duringthe daytime;

   (3) Forty-five miles per hour (45 mph) in such otherlocations during the nighttime;

   (4) Twenty miles per hour (20 mph) in the area within threehundred feet (300') of any school house grounds' entrances and exits during thedaytime during the days when schools shall be open.

   (5) The provisions of subdivision (4) of this subsectionshall not apply except when appropriate warning signs are posted in proximitywith the boundaries of the area within three hundred feet (300') of the schoolhouse grounds, entrances, and exits.

   (b) Daytime means from a half hour before sunrise to a halfhour after sunset. Nighttime means at any other hour.

   (c) The prima facie speed limits set forth in this sectionmay be altered as authorized in §§ 31-14-4 – 31-14-8.