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State Codes and Statutes

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§16-35-5. Lead discipline license required.
(a) It is unlawful for any individual to carry out any lead-risk assessment, inspection or abatement activity for which he or she does not hold an appropriate lead discipline license.

(b) To qualify for a lead discipline license an applicant shall:

(1) Satisfactorily complete a state-accredited training course for a lead discipline and receive a passing grade on an examination administered by a state-accredited examiner; and

(2) Meet the requirements set forth by the director in legislative rule.

(c) Applicants for a lead discipline license shall submit to the division an application and certificate that show satisfactory completion of a training course for a lead discipline and pay the applicable fee to the division.

(d) The director may deny a license if the applicant fails to comply with the application procedures or to satisfy the licensure criteria or to pay the fee. The director shall provide written notice of such denial and an opportunity for reapplication.

(e) The director may grant lead discipline licenses to individuals licensed or certified in another jurisdiction if its requirements are at least as stringent as West Virginia's requirements.