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§18-30-5. Powers of the board.
In addition to the powers granted by any other provision of this article, the board has the powers necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions and objectives of this article, other methods of financing post-secondary education as relate to the program, and the powers delegated by any other law of the state or any executive order of the state. The board may also:

(a) Adopt and amend bylaws;

(b) Sue and be sued;

(c) Execute contracts and other instruments for necessary goods and services, employ necessary personnel and engage the services of private consultants, actuaries, auditors, counsel, managers, trustees, and any other contractor or professional needed. Selection of these services is not subject to the provisions of article three, chapter five-a of this code;

(d) Operate a prepaid tuition plan in accordance with this article and 26 U.S.C. §529;

(e) Operate a savings plan in accordance with this article and 26 U.S.C. §529;

(f) Develop and impose any requirements, policies, procedures and guidelines to implement and manage the program;

(g) Impose reasonable requirements for residency for beneficiaries at the time of purchase of a prepaid tuition contract. However, nothing in this subdivision establishes residency requirements for matriculation at state eligible educational institutions;

(h) Assess, collect and expend administrative fees, charges and penalties;

(i) Authorize the assessment, collection and retention of fees and charges against the amounts paid into and the earnings on the trust funds by a financial institution, investment manager, fund manager, West Virginia investment management board, or other professional managing or investing the trust funds and accounts;

(j) Invest and reinvest any of the funds and accounts under the board's control with a financial institution, an investment manager, a fund manager, the West Virginia investment management board or other professional investing the funds and accounts. Investments made under this article shall be made in accordance with the provisions of article six-c, chapter forty-four of this code, the West Virginia uniform prudent investor act. No board member, nor any person, financial institution, investment manager, fund manager or the West Virginia investment management board to whom the board delegates any of its investment authority who acts within the standard of care set forth in this section is personally liable for losses suffered by the program on investments made pursuant to this article;

(k) Solicit and accept gifts, including bequests or other testamentary gifts made by will, trust or other disposition, grants, loans, aid, and property, real or personal of any nature and from any source, or to participate in any other way in any federal, state or local governmental programs in carrying out the purposes of this article. The board shall use the property received to effectuate the desires of the donor, and shall convert the property received into cash within ninety days of receipt;

(l) Propose legislative rules for promulgation in accordance with the provisions of article three-a, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code;

(m) Make all necessary and appropriate arrangements with eligible educational institutions in order to fulfill its obligations under the prepaid tuition contracts and the savings plan contracts; and

(n) Establish a direct-support organization which is a West Virginia corporation, not for profit, organized and operated to receive, hold, invest and administer property and make expenditures to or for the benefit of the purposes of this article, if the board determines a need for the organization exists. The board may authorize the direct-support organization to use program facilities and property, except money. The board may invest funds of the direct-support organization.