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§18-4-2. Qualifications; health certificate; disability; acting superintendent.
(a) Each county superintendent shall hold a professional administrative certificate endorsed for superintendent, or a first class permit endorsed for superintendent, subject to the following:

(1) A superintendent who holds a first class permit may be appointed for one year only, and may be reappointed two times for an additional year each upon an annual evaluation by the county board and a determination of satisfactory performance and reasonable progress toward completion of the requirements for a professional administrative certificate endorsed for superintendent;

(2) Any candidate for superintendent who possesses an earned doctorate from an accredited institution of higher education and either has completed three successful years of teaching in public education or has the equivalent of three years of experience in management or supervision as defined by state board rule, after employment by the county board shall be granted a permanent administrative certificate and shall be a licensed county superintendent;

(3) The state board shall promulgate a legislative rule in accordance with article three-b, chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, to address those cases where a county board finds that course work needed by the county superintendent who holds a first class permit is not available or is not scheduled at state institutions of higher education in a manner which will enable the county superintendent to complete normal requirements for a professional administrative certificate within the three-year period allowed under the permit; and

(4) Any person employed as assistant superintendent or educational administrator prior to the twenty-seventh day of June, one thousand nine hundred eighty-eight, and who was previously employed as superintendent is not required to hold the professional administrative certificate endorsed for superintendent.

(b) In addition to other requirements set forth in this section, a county superintendent shall meet the following health-related conditions of employment:

(1) Before entering upon the discharge of his or her duties, file with the president of the county board a certificate from a licensed physician certifying the following:

(A) A tuberculin skin test, of the type Mantoux test (PPD skin test), approved by the director of the department of health, has been made within four months prior to the beginning of the term of the county superintendent; and

(B) The county superintendent does not have tuberculosis in a communicable state based upon the test results and any further study;

(2) After completion of the initial test, the county superintendent shall have an approved tuberculin skin test once every two years or more frequently if medically indicated. Positive reactors to the skin test are to be referred immediately to a physician for evaluation and indicated treatment or further studies;

(3) A county superintendent who is certified by a licensed physician to have tuberculosis in a communicable stage shall have his or her employment discontinued or suspended until the disease has been arrested and is no longer communicable; and

(4) A county superintendent who fails to complete required follow-up examinations as set forth in this subsection shall be suspended from employment until a report of examination is confirmed.