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§18-5-25. Duties of superintendent as secretary of board.
The county superintendent as secretary of the board shall:

(1) Take the oath prescribed in the constitution before performing any of the duties of his office;

(2) Attend all board meetings and record its official proceedings in a book kept for that purpose;

(3) Record the number of each order issued, the name of the payee, the purpose for which the order was issued, and the amount thereof. Every order shall be signed by the secretary and the president of the board;

(4) Care for and keep all papers belonging to the board, including evidences of title, contracts and obligations. They shall be kept in the secretary's office, accessibly arranged for reference;

(5) Record and keep on file all papers and documents pertaining to the business of the board;

(6) Keep the accounts and certify the reports required by law or requested by the board;

(7) Administer oaths to school officers, teachers and others making reports;

(8) Deliver in proper condition to his successor all records and property pertaining to his office; and

(9) Exercise such other duties as are prescribed by law.