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§18-7-1. Adult literacy education program; legislative intent.
It is in the public interest that the adult citizens of this state be literate so that the quality of their own lives may be enhanced and they may contribute to the well- being and advancement of the entire state through increased productivity. The intent of this legislation is to provide additional funding for the education of adults in the basic literacy skills of reading, writing and computation.

Activities in this program include:

(a) Identification and recruitment of persons over the age of twenty-one who are deficient in their basic literacy skills;

(b) Establishment of a literacy outreach program using tutors and teachers to educate individuals at locations convenient to the adult learners, including, but not limited to, work sites, schools, libraries, churches and community centers. The literacy outreach programs shall be designed to assist persons in achieving a level of functional literacy or high school equivalency skill levels;

(c) Expansion of adult basic education programs;

(d) An increase in the number of full-time and part-time volunteer tutors and teachers to provide these services; and

(e) Coordination of the efforts of the West Virginia department of education, other appropriate state agencies and volunteer groups.