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§19-29-1. Nontraditional agriculture; authority.

The commissioner of agriculture is hereby empowered and shall devise means of advancing the nontraditional agricultural products in the state, and in the performance of such duty, he or she shall have the authority to call upon any department, division, or officer of the state or county to cooperate with him or her in promoting nontraditional agricultural products in the state.

These nontraditional products are to be considered as agricultural activities.

Only after consultation with the division of natural resources and the department of health and human resources, the commissioner shall promulgate rules, in accordance with chapter twenty-nine-a of this code, for the promotion, marketing, and regulation of nontraditional agriculture.

The commissioner shall have the authority under this article to restrict the importation and commercial production of any species of nontraditional agriculture which in his or her opinion is not in the best interest of the industry or of the public.

Nothing in this article shall affect the division of natural resources' authority as provided in articles one, two, three, and seven, chapter twenty of this code.