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State Codes and Statutes

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§30-16-8. Licensing of foreign graduates.
(a) Any person wanting to practice chiropractic in this state who is a graduate of a chiropractic school located outside the United States, its territories or possessions, shall establish to the board that the applicant:

(1) Possesses a degree of doctor of chiropractic or a board approved equivalent based upon satisfactory completion of educational programs acceptable to the board;

(2) Is eligible by virtue of his or her chiropractic education and training for unrestricted licensure or authorization to practice chiropractic in the country in which he or she received that education and training;

(3) Has successfully completed all required parts of the examination conducted by the national board of chiropractic;

(4) Has a demonstrated command of the English language; and

(5) Has satisfied all applicable requirements of the United States immigration and naturalization service.

(b) All credentials, diplomas and other required documentation in a foreign language submitted to the board by or on behalf of an applicant, shall be accompanied by notarized English translations acceptable to the board.