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§30-23-12. Exemptions from Radiologic Technology license.
The following persons are not required to obtain a Radiologic Technology license in accordance with the provisions of this article:

(1) A Medical Imaging Technology student enrolled in and attending an approved school of Medical Imaging Technology who as part of his or her course of study applies medical imaging technology to a human being under the supervision of a licensed Medical Imaging Technologist;

(2) A person acting as a dental assistant or dental hygienist who under the supervision of a licensed dentist operates only radiographic dental equipment for the sole purpose of dental radiography of the oral cavity;

(3) A person engaged in performing the duties of a Medical Imaging Technologist in the person's employment by an agency, bureau or division of the government of the United States;

(4) A licensed practitioner, Radiologist or Radiology resident;

(5) A person licensed as a Radiologist Assistant under the West Virginia Board of Medicine; and

(6) A person who demonstrated to the board, prior to the first day of July, one thousand nine hundred ninety-nine, that he or she:

(A) Had engaged in the practice of Radiologic Technology for the limited purpose of performing bone densitometry in this state for five or more years;

(B) Practiced under the supervision of a licensed practitioner; and

(C) Received a densitometry technologist degree certified by the International Society for Clinical Densitometry.