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§30-26-17. Prohibited acts and practices.
Any of the following acts are hereby prohibited and shall be punishable under section eighteen of this article and shall also constitute unethical practice and no person shall:

(1) Sell, barter or offer to sell or barter a license issued pursuant to this article.

(2) Purchase or procure by barter any such license with intent to use it as evidence of the holder's qualifications to engage in the practice of dealing in or fitting of hearing aids.

(3) Alter materially a license issued pursuant to this article.

(4) Use or attempt to use as a valid license any license which has been purchased, fraudulently obtained, counterfeited or materially altered.

(5) Willfully make any false statement in an application for license or for renewal thereof.

(6) Advertise for the mail-order sale of hearing aids in any advertising medium or sell hearing aids by mail to any person other than distributors, dealers or those excluded from the provisions of this article.