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§30-29-3. Duties of the governor's committee and the subcommittee.
Upon recommendation of the subcommittee, the governor's committee shall, by or pursuant to rule or regulation:

(a) Provide funding for the establishment and support of law-enforcement training academies in the state;

(b) Establish standards governing the establishment and operation of the law-enforcement training academies, including regional locations throughout the state, in order to provide access to each law-enforcement agency in the state in accordance with available funds;

(c) Establish minimum law-enforcement instructor qualifications;

(d) Certify qualified law-enforcement instructors;

(e) Maintain a list of approved law-enforcement instructors;

(f) Promulgate standards governing the qualification of law-enforcement officers and the entry-level law-enforcement training curricula. These standards shall require satisfactory completion of a minimum of four hundred classroom hours, shall provide for credit to be given for relevant classroom hours earned pursuant to training other than training at an established law-enforcement training academy if earned within five years immediately preceding the date of application for certification, and shall provide that the required classroom hours can be accumulated on the basis of a part-time curricula spanning no more than twelve months, or a full-time curricula;

(g) Establish standards governing in-service law-enforcement officer training curricula and in-service supervisory level training curricula;

(h) Certify law-enforcement officers, as provided in section five of this article;

(i) Seek supplemental funding for law-enforcement training academies from sources other than the fees collected pursuant to section four of this article;

(j) Any responsibilities and duties as the Legislature may, from time to time, see fit to direct to the committee; and

(k) Submit, on or before the thirtieth day of September of each year, to the governor, and upon request to individual members of the Legislature, a report on its activities during the previous year and an accounting of funds paid into and disbursed from the special revenue account establish pursuant to section four of this article.