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§30-38-7. General powers and duties.
The board shall:

(a) Define by rule the type of educational experience, appraisal experience and equivalent experience that will meet the statutory requirements of this article;

(b) Establish examination specifications as prescribed herein and provide for appropriate examinations;

(c) Approve or disapprove applications for certification and licensure;

(d) Define by rule continuing education requirements for the renewal of certifications and licenses;

(e) Censure, suspend or revoke licenses and certification as provided in this article;

(f) Hold meetings, hearings and examinations;

(g) Establish procedures for submitting, approving and disapproving applications;

(h) Maintain an accurate registry of the names and addresses of all persons certified or issued a license to practice under this article;

(i) Maintain accurate records on applicants and licensed or certified real estate appraisers;

(j) Issue to each licensed or certified real estate appraiser a pocket card with the appraiser's name and license or certification number. Pocket cards are the property of the state of West Virginia and, upon suspension or revocation of the license to practice pursuant to this article, will be returned immediately to the board;

(k) Deposit all fees collected by the board to the credit of the West Virginia appraiser licensing and certification board fund established in the office of the state treasurer. The board shall disburse moneys from the account to pay the cost of board operation. Disbursements from the account may not exceed the moneys credited to it;

(l) Keep records and make reports as required by article one of this chapter; and

(m) Perform any other functions and duties necessary to carry out the provisions of this article.