State Codes and Statutes

State Codes and Statutes

Statutes > Washington > Title-76 > Notes

Access roads to public and state forest lands: Chapter 79.38 RCW.

County timber: Chapter 36.34 RCW.

Easements over public lands: Chapter 79.36 RCW.

Exchange of state lands to facilitate marketing of forest products or to consolidate state lands: RCW 79.17.010.

Excise tax on conveyance of standing timber: Chapter 82.45 RCW.

Forest management, major line at state universities: RCW 28B.10.115, 28B.20.060.

Forest roads, county: RCW 36.82.140.

Infractions: Chapter 7.84 RCW.

Lien for labor and services on timber and lumber: Chapter 60.24 RCW.

Limitation on liability of forest landowner for injuries to recreation users: RCW 4.24.210.

Logging railroads: Title 81 RCW.

Logging trucks, special permits for use of roads and highways: RCW 46.44.047.

Logs on county highways and bridges: RCW 36.86.090.

Measurement of timber and wood products, fraud, penalty: RCW 9.45.122 through 9.45.126.

Motor vehicle size, weight and load: Chapter 46.44 RCW.

National forests, jurisdiction: Chapter 37.08 RCW.

Pest control compact: Chapter 17.34 RCW.

Reservation of timber on sale of county tax-title lands: RCW 36.35.120.

Safety supervisor: RCW 43.22.040.

Sustained yield plan and cooperative agreements: Chapter 79.10 RCW.

Taxation and/or assessment of lands lying both within fire protection district and forest protection assessment area: RCW 52.16.170.

Transportation of forest products, applicability of public utility tax: RCW 82.16.020.

University demonstration forest and experiment station: RCW 79.17.030.